A short video explaining the "HOW & WHY" of NextGenUrban

NextGenUrban Approach

NextGenUrban's sustainable lifestyles are made possible through modular infrastructure combined with master planned lifestyle communities.

Innovative Business Model Delivers Turn-Key Sustainable Neighborhoods


NextGenUrban is an international real estate development company launching a new solution that provides consumers with a sustainable lifestyle through a single hassle-free service. The company builds master planned communities underpinned by their sustainable infrastructure system. The result is a self-contained, zero-waste, carbon neutral neighborhood where residents can enjoy instant and permanent access to a sustainable lifestyle.

The innovative approach combines real estate and a proprietary infrastructure design capable of internally producing and delivering all utilities and services required by the private neighborhoo...

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This video explains how NextGenUrban transforms this character's typical morning routine into an epic sustainable lifestyle that can change the world!

The Impacts of Hero's Morning

A fun little story highlighting the positive benefits of living in a NextGenUrban neighborhood.

Packaged, wrapped and with a bow, that’s how consumers want their sustainable lifestyles, and that is how we will fix the world!


You're Susty Life In A Box

Great products solve big difficult problems. If a better world is what we want, then approaching sustainability like it’s a consumer product may be the best way of achieving our goals. After all most people want to live in a sustainable manner and if it's available to purchase they would buy it.

Like any great product, “sustainability as a consumer product” must be offered as an instant, hassle free solution. The “product” should be a simple and elegant solution that permanently solves the entire problem, ...

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