This video explains how NextGenUrban transforms this character's typical morning routine into an epic sustainable lifestyle that can change the world!

The Impacts of Hero's Morning

A fun little story highlighting the positive benefits of living in a NextGenUrban neighborhood.

Now more than ever it's time to help our young people to become agents of change. NextGenUrban is proud to be recognized alongside the most innovative and creative companies that are driving the Pivot Toward Global Sustainability.

Packaged, wrapped and with a bow, that’s how consumers want their sustainable lifestyles, and that is how we will fix the world!


You're Susty Life In A Box

Great products solve big difficult problems. If a better world is what we want, then approaching sustainability like it’s a consumer product may be the best way of achieving our goals. After all most people want to live in a sustainable manner and if it's available to purchase they would buy it.

Like any great product, “sustainability as a consumer product” must be offered as an instant, hassle free solution. The “product” should be a simple and elegant solution that permanently solves the entire problem, ...

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A message from the COO of NextGenUrban, Vince Carter

Happy New Year Everyone. Here's to hoping that 2016 is the year that private industry puts some teeth behind the international movement represented by the agreements reached at COP21 in Paris, and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals signed in New York.

As we often say here at NextGenUrban; the global pivot toward sustainability is both a daunting challenge and perhaps the greatest market opportunity of all time. Let's have a great year!

For my part I will be keeping tabs on the subtle, nearly imperceptible - yet vastly powerful - undercurrents shaping our world, including resource scarcity, the unprecedented rate of urbanization of our g...

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