Innovative Model


Our business model introduces a complete bundle of modular cleantech infrastructure combined with real estate development to create a fully integrated stand alone community to deliver the hassle free sustainable lifestyle that consumers want.


Our model is scalable simply by multiplying the number of units deployed which eliminates repetitive engineering, optimizes market opportunities and builds business value while unlocking massive growth potential.


With a deep pipeline of real estate development projects, we are creating the first ever institutional-quality real estate portfolio unified and branded as "Sustainable Lifestyle Communities". The exit is IPO or liquidity event through sale.

Master Planned Communities

Combining real estate development with the deployment of cleantech infrastructure creates tremendous values well beyond the sum of the parts. The business model eliminates the barriers to deliver that value and improves our ability to capture it.

Our business model is an improvement over the traditional real estate development model in several important ways:

1. We are able to lower our land cost.
2. We convert up front cost centers into long-term profit centers.
3. We diversify and strengthen our income model.
4. We eliminate uncertainty in the entitlement process.
5. We avoid barriers of poor or non existent infrastructure.
6 We reduce risk and lower the capital requirements.
(See Section Below For More Details)

From the consumer's view Sustainable Lifestyle Communities are far superior to a traditional neighborhood. They perform better and are less expensive to operate for the homeowner while providing a sustainable supply of their most critical resources.

We build master planned communities at some of the world's most beautiful locations where our residents live sustainable lifestyles surrounded by pristine natural surroundings and outdoor recreational opportunities. We endeavor to integrate the essence of each location and deliver memorable customer experiences that inspire, invigorate, entertain and educate while providing the meaningful escapes, unscripted discoveries and the immersion in nature that our customers desire.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Our proprietary cleantech infrastructure systems are monitized through our "Sustainable Infrastructure as a Service" business model.

We build, own and manage all infrastructure with resident home owners under long-term utility and service contracts resulting in asset backed income streams producing strong financial returns. Contract rates increase over time above inflationary adjustments while cost factors decrease over time. We monitor maintain and upgrade systems to maximize return on investment.

Built in tandem with our real estate development projects
our sustainable infrastructure systems produce and deliver all required utilities and services by capturing and converting all waste, sewage and trash and using only the renewable resources on site.

This is a modular and scalable system creating a sustainable, zero waste, carbon neutral neighborhood that liberates our residents from the global supply chain for their most critical resources including water, energy, food, fuel, and digital communications.

"Sustainable Infrastructure as a Service" provides our home buyers with the hassle free sustainable lifestyle they desire and creates additional profit centers for our company while delivering positive social and environmental impacts that address some very important global issues.

Lower Land Costs

Building self-contained communities with cleantech allows us to locate projects beyond the municipal service areas where land is much less expensive.

No Backbone Installations

Stand-alone infrastructure allows us to avoid the installation of costly backbone infrastructure that normally comes with locating off-grid.

Easier Entitlements

The entitlement process is easier when you are not asking the municipal gatekeepers to grant you access to their limited utility and service capacity.

Lower Risk and Cap Ex

The model controls more aspects of the development process, lowers costs, expands income sources, reduces exposure and lowers overall risk.

Speed to Market

The model allows us to leap-frog over site constraints and the bottleneck of permits posed by the lack of municipal infrastructure, speeding us to market.

As global population growth and the rapid urbanization of our world increase at an exponential rate, we find ourselves confronted with the disastrous consequences of our unsustainable way of living. Simply put, the way we are living is killing the planet and causing extreme social tensions, economic inequality, health pandemics and climate change.

With 3.5 billion people now living in cities around the globe we see the limits of the planet and it's resources on the near horizon of our consumption curve. With each passing day we fall further and further behind in the race to pivot the world toward a sustainable future. With a forecast of an additional 3.5 billion people arriving in cities over the next 35 years, we are well behind schedule for preparing a livable world for our children.

It is now critical that we rapidly adapt current practices and immediately start building urban systems that adequately respond to modern threats including
the over consumption of resources,
carbon emissions, water scarcity, food distribution, lack of resiliency
decaying physical infrastructure,
economic volatility, and risks to cyber-infrastructure. NextGenUrban has the answer.