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Sustainable Lifestyle Communities

Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Carbon Neutral Neighborhoods
Providing a Hassle Free Sustainable Lifestyle


We liberate our residents from the global supply chain for their most critical resources including; water, energy, food, fuel, and digital connectivity.

NextGenUrban develops master planned communities underpinned with our proprietary cleantech infrastructure capable of internally producing and delivering all required utilities and services.


Our neighborhoods feature a closed loop self contained water systems requiring no external connections, ensuring a permanent safe and secure source of purified water.


Our communities have a dedicated solar farm that produces more electricity than needed, ensuring 100% renewable clean reliable and sustainable power service.


A professionally run organic farm is an integral part of each neighborhood, ensuring residents a local fresh abundant supply of farm-to-fork produce.


All sewage waste and organic solids are captured in a biodigester and converted into bio gas then distributed back to the community homes forming a net positive loop.


All the data and communication needs within the community are achieved through our private ISP and redundant IXP connections through land and satellite feeds.

creating the first branded portfolio of


Sustainable Lifestyle Communities


Combining Real Estate Development & Cleantech Infrastructure as a Service
to Satisfy Unmet Demand, Capture Value, and Unleash Positive Impacts

Unmet Demand

For Sustainable Lifestyle Communities

There has been a supply side failure in the real estate industry to provide sustainable lifestyle options. Consumers want to live sustainably so we can stop killing the planet, but obsolete urban infrastructure systems and inefficient utility supply chains make it virtually impossible. Population growth and rapid urbanization are driving exponential growth in market demand for a sustainable solution.

NextGenUrban has the answer.
Now all new growth can be sustainable growth. Home buyers will finally be able to move into neighborhoods that sustainably provide all of life's necessities including water, power, food, fuel, and digital communications.

Gone are the days of dysfunctional broken cities. NextGenUrban is here. We deliver sustainable, zero-waste, carbon neutral neighborhoods that put our residents on a hassle-free platform for their sustainable lifestyle.

Increased Profit

Higher Returns and Stronger Asset Value

Combining real estate development and cleantech infrastructure as a service is a formula for driving stronger asset values and improving financial returns. Our self contained neighborhoods function better, are less expensive to build, and are capable of monitizing infrastructure assets through the "Sustainable Infrastructure as a Service" business model.

Our approach of internally producing and delivering all required utilities and services simplifies the development process, increases speed to market, lowers risk, and improves profit margins while fulfilling unmet consumer demand and responding to the global need for sustainable growth.

Our specialty is developing sustainable lifestyle communities featuring nature based recreational opportunities at some of the world's most beautiful locations. Our pipeline of projects include 7 master planned communities covering a total of 4,500 acres.

Positive Impacts

Leading the Transition to Global Sustainability

As a turn-key platform for urban growth, our Sustainable Lifestyle Communities put society on a path toward hassle free global sustainability. With positive impacts on the physical, social, economic and environmental levels our product delivers deep and meaningful benefits across a wide spectrum of our global society.

We are helping to solve the world's most urgent need for sustainable growth while liberating our residents from the inefficient global supply chain for their most critical resources of water, energy, food, fuel, and digital communication services.

Putting consumers onto a physical platform that provides a complete and hassle free sustainable lifestyle helps address many of society's most pressing issues including climate change, resource scarcity, and health, while increasing the household savings rates and improving overall quality of life.

Key Take Away

There has been a supply-side failure to provide a solution to obsolete urban systems. This has created pent up demand for sustainable communities.

Future demand to be driven by global population growth and rapid urbanization trends creating urgent need for solutions

Key Take Away

Our projects are more profitable than traditional real estate projects because they cost less to build operate and maintain while creating new profit centers.

We deliver a better product, get it to the market faster, control risk and uncertainty, all while maintaining higher margins.

Key Take Away

NextGenUrban provides an urban growth platform that solves market ineficiencies and address urgent global issues with one elegant solution.

We provide the hassle free sustainable lifestyle that consumers want and the globe needs to ensure a bright future.



Hassle Free Sustainable Lifestyle


So you can spend your time doing the important things in life.

The way we are living is killing the planet.


NextGenUrban has the answer.


Our turn-key sustainable communities
internally produce and deliver all required utilities and services
including water, energy, food, and fuel
by capturing and converting all waste, sewage and trash,
and using only the renewable resources on-site.

Sustainable, Zero-Waste, Carbon Neutral Neighborhoods
by NextGenUrban