About Us

Who We Are

NextGenUrban is a Sustainability Fund and a team of innovators with a fresh approach to infrastructure and real estate development. We build private neighborhoods underpinned by our proprietary sustainable infrastructure platform that blends renewables, cleantech, robotics, and artificial intelligence to deliver the lifestyle beyond sustainability.

Investment Thesis: Consumers desire a sustainable lifestyle but find it impossible to achieve on their own.  Current market offerings are inadequate  limited and fragmented due to the incredible technical complexity of creating sustainable systems. The result is a massive supply-side failure by the real estate industry to provide sustainable lifestyle options. Therefor the provider of a true and comprehensive solution is well positioned for profits, future growth, operational stability and will likely be the instant market leader in this emerging sector.    

Value Proposition:  We offer "Instant Access to Sustainable Lifestyles". 

Business Model:  "Sustainable Lifestyles As A Service".   We build own and operate private neighborhoods underpinned by our modular infrastructure platform to unleash the lifestyle beyond sustainability through a single-point-of-contact service agreement that comes standard with every home purchase. 

How It Works:  By combining mixed use neighborhoods with a highly integrated cleantech infrastructure platform, we are able to deliver entire neighborhoods featuring privatized & decentralized water energy food & fuel resources that provide customers with the sustainable zero-waste carbon neutral lifestyle they desire. 

Under The Hood:  By integrating renewables and cleantech infrastructure and enhancing the resulting platform with advanced sensors, basic robotics and remote monitoring capabilities, it becomes possible to tease out the synergies hidden deep within resource cycles. Therein lies the real value of a comprehensive platform capable of producing and delivering the critical resources of water energy food, & fuel.

We Apply The Power Of Project Finance To Solve Systemic Issues at scale

NextGenUrban works for social and economic inclusion with a special focus on indigenous families in central Mexico through the joint venture known as Coliman.org  to provide indigenous families with economic opportunities coupled with education, health services, organic farming supplies, technical and marketing assistance, and access to markets for sell their products, all with the goal of reviving the Nahua and Purepecha cultures. NextGenUrban's contributions to Coliman Org includes design and installation of sustainable infrastructure, construction materials, irrigation systems.  

We are committed to bringing more systemic ventures into the world –  to create the social, environmental, and economic transformations for a fair and sustainable society. We build homegrown ventures to empower the underlying purpose of solving critical global challenges. 

We welcome like-minded partners who seek to create lasting impacts and progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  

Program details can be found at www.Coliman.org 

  Some existing partnerships include the following.