About Us

Who We Are

NextGenUrban is home to a sustainability fund, a team of international real estate developers and sustainable infrastructure innovators.  Our approach is to fund, build, own, and operate our own private neighborhoods that unleash the lifestyle beyond sustainability. By combining highly integrated assets for water, energy, food & fuel then operating it as a turn-key service we are able to offer "Instant and Permanent Access to a Sustainable Lifestyle.  The team members were brought together for their highly specialized talents to form an efficient & highly productive team well equipped to deliver the next generation of urban growth.  Our roots go back four generations in the development industry, and we have been active in the international market for over thirty years. 

A California Story

NextGenUrban:   Born into a California heritage dating back to 1905 and a family tradition in the construction and steel fabricating business that began with the famous Llewellyn Iron Works in downtown Los Angeles. A name reminiscent of the early years of building the great city of Los Angeles, the Llewellyn steel company was at the epicentre of building Southern California's most historically significant structures. Iconic buildings like L.A. City Hall (1928), The Avalon Casino on Catalina Island (1929),  Union Station (1939), Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and many other famous commercial projects throughout the state. Subsequent generations expanded the real estate operations into Orange County (1950’s) with joint ventures and partnerships with other early California developers who executed projects that defined the industry's most innovative and popular projects. The tradition continues today with international development of master planned communities at the leading edge of new technology and real estate development.

NextGenUrban is creating the first real estate portfolio branded as "Sustainable Lifestyle Communities"

The team has embarked on the creation of the world's first real estate portfolio branded as "Sustainable Lifestyle Communities".  Through self finance and the formation of our own fund, NextGenUrban maintains the patience required to monetize infrastructure investments and the long-term control that enables us to achieve our original purpose of creating wonderful places to live and raise healthy families.  The company operates under a conservative financial approach where capital expenditures are covered by a minimum of three times the value in underlying real estate values.