How It Works

Look under the hood of a Sustainable Lifestyle Community

NextGenUrban develops master planned communities underpinned with our proprietary cleantech infrastructure capable of internally producing and delivering all required utilities and services. We liberate our residents from the global supply chain for their most critical resources including; water, energy, food, and fuel.


Our neighborhoods feature a closed loop self contained water systems requiring no external connections, ensuring a permanent safe and secure source of purified water.


Our communities have a dedicated solar farm that produces more electricity than needed, ensuring 100% renewable clean reliable and sustainable power service.


A professionally run organic farm is an integral part of each neighborhood, ensuring residents a local fresh abundant supply of farm-to-fork produce.


All sewage waste and organic solids are fed into a biodigester producing cooking fuel for distribution back to the homes inside the community, forming a net positive loop.


All the data and communication needs within the community are achieved through our private ISP and redundant IXP connections through land and satellite feeds.

waste to Value

We capture and convert all solid waste, all raw sewage, and all grey water in separate systems, each forming their own closed loop carbon neutral waste-to-value-cycle.