Positive Impacts

We Deliver Measurable Impacts

on environmental social and economic levels,     but that's not all

Measuring and reporting to investors on our positive impact is rather straightforward due to the physical nature of our platform. As our customer's lives are transformed in a sustainable neighborhood, a transparent and quantifiable impact is achieved. 

We deliver positive impacts for the traditional Triple Bottom Line, but we also deliver some intriguing benefits on two other levels; the physical, and the personal level.  

But first we want to list the triple bottom line benefits and to say this: 

Fund managers will enjoy clear accountability of these positive benefits, and their investors will enjoy seeing the self-evident impacts accruing year after year.


Environmental Benefits

For each person living in a NextGenUrban neighborhood for a full year, we will eliminate;

• All 6 metric tonnes of CO2 and greenhouse gasses (the global average per person per year)
• All 32,295 gallons of raw sewage from entering the environment. (average sewage produced per person per year)
• All 1,289 cubic meters of natural gas used (average person's annual consumption)
• We keep all 1,268 pounds of trash out of the landfills (average person's trash per year)
• We save all 36,786 gallons of fresh water usage (average person's annual tap water consumption .
• And we convert 100% of the food waste produced at our farm level, retail, transportation, and at the household level.

In other words, we will eliminate all our customer's upstream impacts from their water, energy, food, and fuel use, and we will eliminate all their downstream impacts from their waste, sewage and trash.   

social benefits

of a sustainable neighborhood

Self sufficient neighborhoods with their own privatized utilities and services deliver the following social benefits;

  • Local Jobs (Technical, Management, Labor)
  • Increased Household Savings Rate
  • Health and Wellness
  • Safe, Secure, & Resilient Resources
  • Inclusive Micro Business Opportunities 
  • Clean Natural Playgrounds  


economic benefits

of living in our neighborhood

Each resident of a NextGenUrban neighborhood will enjoy;

  •  15% savings on electricity (vrs to local rate)
  • 20% savings on cooking fuel (vrs to local rate)
  • 35% or more on fresh organic produce (vrs local rate)
  • 40% savings on drinking water (vrs local rate)


physical benefits

of our sustainable infrastructure platform

Our modular and scalable platform for sustainable urban growth delivers the following physical benefits. 

  • Low capital cost for new infrastructure
  • Reduced footprint of infrastructure
  • Nodes of independent self-contained populations
  • Resilient places of refuge after natural or man made disasters
  • Zero burden on existing municipal infrastructure

Personal Benefits

of living a sustainable Lifestyle

Less obvious than the direct benefits listed above, is the way sustainable living benefits the individual on a very personal level.

As we have pointed out, NextGenUrban provides residents with instant and permanent access to a sustainable lifestyle.  This liberates them from the global supply chain for their most critical resources of water, energy, food and fuel. And this saves them time and money, keeps them healthy, protects the environment, creates jobs and other social benefits while helping to solve some of the world's most urgent problems. 

But that is really just be beginning. 

There are some profound psychological benefits that flow to the individual consumer as they live a sustainable lifestyle. NextGenUrban believes these are the most powerful impacts of all because liberating individuals carries the power of exponential change that the world so badly needs at this time. 

Living a truly sustainable lifestyle on NextGenUrban's platform gives residents permanent control over life's most critical resources. This liberates them from mankind's oldest task of securing his daily rations of water, energy, food and fuel. This level of control grows into a deep sense of security which in turn fosters a belief and confidence in a bright future. This is what we refer to as "The Lifestyle Beyond Sustainability" characterized by an abundance that inspires the individual and unlocks the exponential power of our full human potential.  

And that's the end-game NextGenUrban with our "Sustainable Lifestyles as a Service" business model.

See the light hearted video about how NextGenUrban transforms this characters typical morning routine into an epic sustainable lifestyle with the power to change the world.