People desire instant access to a sustainable life.... without the headache of figuring out how to do it. 


In today's world, it's not enough to be carbon neutral. A sustainable lifestyle must now include converting massive amounts of greenhouse gasses everyday.  NextGenUrban is driving the transition to global sustainability by providing carbon-positive sustainable lifestyles as a service. 

Unmet Demand

For Sustainable Lifestyle Communities

There has been a supply-side failure in the real estate industry to provide sustainable lifestyle options. Consumers want to live sustainably so we can stop killing the planet, but obsolete urban infrastructure systems and inefficient utility supply chains make it virtually impossible. Climate change, resource scarcity and rapid urbanization are driving exponential growth in market demand for a sustainable solution. NextGenUrban is addressing this pent-up demand for sustainable lifestyles.

Now all new growth can be sustainable growth. Homebuyers will finally be able to move into neighborhoods that sustainably provide all of life's necessities including water, energy, food, and fuel.

Gone are the days of dysfunctional broken cities. NextGenUrban is here. We deliver sustainable, zero-waste, carbon-positive neighborhoods that put our residents on a hassle-free platform for their sustainable lifestyle.


There has been a supply-side failure to provide a solution to obsolete urban systems. This has created pent-up demand for sustainable communities. NextGenUrban provides the solution.

Future demand will be driven by global population growth, resource scarcity, climate change, and rapid urbanization trends creating an urgent need for a scalable solution.

stronger Asset Values

& higher Returns via decentralized utilities   

Combining real estate development and sustainable lifestyles as a service is a formula for driving stronger asset values, reducing risk, improving the value proposition, and increasing financial returns. Our self contained neighborhoods function better, are less expensive to build, and are capable of monetizing infrastructure assets through the "Sustainable Lifestyles as a Service" business model. NextGenUrban is changing the real estate development paradigm.

Our approach is to internally produce and deliver all required utilities and services using modular infrastructure. This simplifies the development process and increases the speed of bringing product to the market. The model lowers risk by eliminating uncertainties related to the permit process and reduces the time exposure of capital. Modular and scalable infrastructure eliminates repetitive engineering tasks and improves profit margins. The result is a value proposition that fulfills unmet consumer demand for sustainable lifestyles while providing a scalable market solution to address important global challenges.


Our projects are more profitable than traditional real estate projects because they cost less to build operate and maintain while creating new profit centers. 
We deliver a better product, get it to the market faster and control risk while maintaining higher profit margins.

Positive Impacts

Driving the Transition to Global Sustainability

Providing consumers a physical platform for a sustainable lifestyle helps address society's most urgent challenges including; climate change, resource scarcity, rapid urbanization, health & wellness, equal & fair access to critical resources, and environmental protection. We also help families build generational wealth via equity interest in neighborhood resources and big savings on utilities while improving their quality of life. NextGenUrban puts society on the path toward hassle-free sustainability.

Our product creates positive impacts on the social, economic and environmental levels as well as some profound benefits on the personal level.  We are helping to solve the world's urgent need for sustainable growth while liberating our residents from the inefficient global supply chain for their most critical resources of water, energy, food, & fuel.

NextGenUrban provides an urban growth platform that solves market inefficiencies and address our most urgent global issues with one elegant solution.

We provide the hassle-free sustainable lifestyle that consumers want - and the world needs to ensure a bright future. 

The way we are living is killing the planet.

The surest path to sustainable life on this planet is to offer millions of people the option of a carbon-positive lifestyle with a full suite sustainable resources.  NextGenUrban has the answer. Our turn-key sustainable communities internally produce and deliver all required utilities and services including water, energy, food, and fuel by capturing and converting all waste, sewage and trash, and using only the renewable resources on-site with a net positive carbon footprint.

 As a modular and scalable carbon-positive platform with a pre-arranged finance package we enable rapid and repeatable deployment of entire neighborhoods on a scale that satisfies the massive consumer demand for sustainable lifestyles as a service.

Sustainable Carbon-Positive Lifestyles by NextGenUrban



Hassle-Free Sustainable Lifestyles

So you can spend your time enjoying the important things in life.