How It Works

A Look under the hood

Nature's cycles are incredibly complex and yet so vital to all life on earth. It's urgent for humans to fit into these systems if we are to survive, but the dysfunctional methods employed in the past are killing the planet. The scope of the problem is far beyond the control of any one individual consumer or even municipal governments, so a neighborhood-scale solution was needed. NextGenUrban is responding with award-winning zero-carbon housing underpinned by a deeply integrated decentralized modular infrastructure to deliver zero-carbon water energy fuel and waste services, all set within our regenerative farm-based communities. The result is our Sustainable Lifestyle neighborhoods where consumers finally have instant and permanent access to the sustainable, zero-waste, zero-carbon lifestyle they desire.


Our neighborhoods feature a closed loop self contained water systems requiring no external connections, ensuring a permanent safe and secure source of purified water.


Our communities have a dedicated solar farm that produces more electricity than needed, ensuring 100% renewable clean reliable and sustainable power service.


A professionally run regenerative organic farm is an integral part of each neighborhood, ensuring residents a local fresh abundant supply of farm-to-fork ingredients.


All sewage waste, organic solids, and food waste is captured and directed to a biodigester and converted into bio gas then redistributed back to the community homes forming a carbon-negative circular loop for cooking and heating.


Sensors continuously monitor the flow of all circular resources and the data is used to manage the integrated systems. Meanwhile, internet, data and communication needs within the community are achieved through private downlink via satellite.


Algae is nature's most efficient converter of CO2 and it's incredible growth rate is increase 10 fold when CO2 from otherwise polluting source is fed to the algae. Its harvest provides powerful organic nutrients for human consumption, animal feed, and crop fertilizer. 

Sewage to Value

We divert all toilet water into a biodigester using a dedicated plumbing system separate from all other water flows. Values produced include biogas and high grade fertilizer. The challenge of sewage treatment and safe disposal is permanently solved via a carbon-negative loop.

Food Waste to Value

Food waste, farm waste, restaurant and home garbage disposal waste is collected in a dedicated plumbing system then macerated  and mixed into a custom designed feedstock to be converted in an advanced multi-stage digester to produce grid-quality carbon-negative cooking fuel, and organic fertilizer.

Solid Waste To Value

A circular waste system ensures all neighborhood trash is gathered from the commercial and household level and separated at our own facility prior to being upcycled as a key ingredient in a cementitious construction material, used in waste-to-energy process, or sold to a 3rd party recycler.


Sustainable Lifestyles as a service

Consumers simply want to be sustainable without having to figure it all out for themselves. People desire instant access to a sustainable life.

That's why all the systems and all the gear required to produce circular carbon-negative resources are owned and operated by NextGenUrban. We provide residents all the benefits of sustainable resources under a single-point-of-contact service agreement that comes standard with every home purchase and every commercial building.