Positive Impacts

Positive Impacts

and measureable benefits

The goal is to move millions of people into carbon positive lifestyles by providing an alternative to obsolete urban design.  NextGenUrban is leading the global pivot toward true sustainable lifestyles with the following benefits. 

Environmental Benefits

Each year NextGenUrban eliminates the following impacts for each resident:

• All 6 metric tones of CO2 and greenhouse gasses attributable to each individual  living in a first world country in 2022 (the global average per person per year).
• All 32,295 gallons of raw sewage from entering the environment (the average sewage produced per person per year).
• All upstream impacts of 1,289 cubic meters of natural gas (global average for annual natural gas consumption).
• We keep all 1,268 pounds of trash out of the landfills (average person's trash per year).
• We eliminate upstream and downstream impacts of all 36,786 gallons of water usage (average person's annual tap water consumption).
• We convert all food waste from the household level and all crop waste from the on-site farm into cooking fuel and liquid fertilizer to regenerate healthy soils.

In other words, we will eliminate all the upstream impacts from our customer's water energy food and fuel consumption, and we eliminate all downstream impacts from their waste, sewage and trash.   

economic benefits

of living in our neighborhood

Each resident of a NextGenUrban neighborhood will enjoy the following savings compared to USA national average costs;

  •  15% savings on electricity 
  • 20% savings on cooking fuel
  • 25% or more on fresh organic produce 
  • 30% savings on drinking water
  • Free recycling pick up.

social benefits

of a sustainable neighborhood

Self sufficient neighborhoods with their own privatized utilities and services deliver the following social benefits;

  • Increased Security Through Self-Supply
  • Local Jobs (Technical, Management, Labor)
  • Increased Household Savings Rate
  • Health and Wellness
  • Safe & Resilient Resources
  • Inclusive Micro Business Opportunities 
  • Clean Natural Playgrounds  


Personal Benefits

of living a sustainable Lifestyle

On a very practical level, we save residents time and money, keep them healthy, protect their environment, create local jobs and drive other social benefits while helping to solve some of the world's most urgent problems. 

While we deliver positive impacts on the social, economic and environmental levels - it's on the family level where we create intriguing and unexpected benefits that will ensure lasting results.

NextGenUrban believes that securing a family's sustainable resources AND simultaneously securing the path toward growing family wealth is the only way to achieve both the life of abundance we all desire AND the long-term balance with nature required for survival.  

But that is really just be beginning. 

There are some profound psychological benefits that flow to the individual consumer as they become liberated from humankind's oldest task of securing a daily supply of life's most critical resources. 

When a family is no longer dependent upon the global supply chain and they gain equity in the systems that produce and deliver their resources, they achieve a high degree of control over life's basic necessities. Over time this grows into a deep sense of security and opens up new opportunities. In turn, this fosters a strong belief in a brighter future. 

NextGenUrban believes these are the most powerful impacts of all because liberating the individual carries the power of change that the world so badly needs at this time. This is what we refer to as "The Lifestyle Beyond Sustainability". A lifestyle characterized by an abundance of health & wellness and a freedom from those age-old routine tasks of securing life's most critical resources of water energy food and fuel. We believe this is the path to unlocking the exponential power of our full human potential.