About Us

Who We Are

NextGenUrban is a team of innovative real estate developers and sustainable resource engineers whose goal is to address urgent global challenges by enabling millions of people to live sustainable zero-carbon lifestyles. With a fresh approach to building master planned neighborhoods, we are making Sustainable Lifestyle Communities a reality in the real estate market.  

Investment Thesis: Consumers desire a sustainable lifestyle but find it impossible to achieve on their own due to the incredible complexity of creating sustainable systems. There has been a massive supply-side failure by the real estate industry that has not provide consumers with sustainable lifestyle options. Therefore, the provider of a true and comprehensive Sustainable Lifestyle solution is well positioned for profits, future growth, operational stability, and market leadership in this all-important emerging sector.  

Market Demand:  By 2050 the number of people living in cities will double from 3.5 billion to 7 billion. Answering this massive demand for urban growth with a sustainable development solution is perhaps the greatest business opportunity of all time.

Value Proposition:  We offer "Instant Access to a Sustainable Lifestyle" through a single-point-of-contact service agreement that comes standard with every home purchase and each commercial building lease. 

Business Model:  "Sustainable Lifestyles as a Service".   We build own and operate our proprietary neighborhood-scale resource platform featuring sustainable, zero-waste, zero-carbon production and delivery of water energy food fuel and waste services.